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Stella Rubino® products were first launched in 2008 by a group of individuals with more than 50 years of combined experience in the bedding industry.
They had a shared belief that bedding products could and should be made better than the way they were being made by mainstream brands.
This resulted in the first Stella Rubino® collection, developed and made in Italy, and launched in Australia. More retailers came on board over the years resulting in a network of SR dealers in Europe and the Asia Pacific Region.

“Our goal is the creation of functional beauty that lasts, whilst serving our clients and the planet we live on.”

Offering beautiful comfort built to last, using raw materials carefully selected to ensure a safe product for both the user and the environment, has been the main objective for every Stella Rubino® product that has been launched since 2008.


The Three Core Values: Functional Beauty, Durability and Well-Being

Stella Rubino® products embrace functional beauty. Each individual component has been carefully selected to ensure the final product offers gorgeous design as well as superb comfort.

Besides function and beauty, we also stand for longevity. The selection of the most premium raw materials during the design phase and vigorous testing of the final products result in splendid durability. Stella Rubino® products have been built to last.

The final phase in our product development process takes into account the well-being of our customers as well as our planet. Every component supplier that we choose to work with has been audited for safety certificates, sustainability accreditations as well as workplace policies.


Our promise to you...

Raw materials are chosen based on quality, durability and origin. For the Stella Rubino® S2 collection, we have taken it one step further and have audited all our suppliers.

We ensure that each component manufacturer is certified for safety, durability and sustainability.

Safety and durability certificates that we require from all our raw material manufacturers are:

More information regarding the safety and durability certificates for the Stella Rubino® product range can be found on the websites of the individual test institutes.
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